Top 2 TB SSDs

Posted on March 06, 2023 by Raymond Chen

The 2 TB storage is the perfect solution for your PC, laptop, Mac or even PS5 in most cases. It’s enough for the OS and installed software. What are the best SSDs with 2 terabyte capacity, learn from our article.

Top 2 TB SSDs

The two terabyte solid state drives are now in the mid-end price range. It is enough to have $100-150 to buy a new NVMe or SATA internal SSD. The price depends on the generation of the PCI expansion bus, memory type (TLC, QLC, MLC), maximum writing speed and of course brand. According to USA sales, the Western Digital and Samsung are the main competitors in this niche. But many young brands will be equal or even overtake them with good prices per GB.

To understand what is your best choice, start your research from the system. For example PlayStation 5 requires only solid state drives that work with PCIe 4.0x4 expansion and have reading speed more or equal to 5,500 Megabytes per second. If you try to upgrade your Macbook, start from the Apple website, where all proprietary models are listed. For Personal Computers, you must check the motherboard model, available expansion slots and CPU, to find what is the maximum speed supported. For example, the Asus Prime Z390-A has only PCIe 3.0x4 M.2 slots, and CPU installed on this schematic will not work faster than max supported speed 3.9 GB/sec.

The best selling models now are Samsung 980 Pro, 970 Evo plus and WD Black SN850X. The SN850X and 980Pro SSDs both use PCIe 4.0x4 and fit for PS5, modern motherboards and laptop simultaneously, that’s why they are such a popular choice. But there are models that can knock his opponents to the ground: Seagate Firecuda 530 has 2550 TBW endurance, Crucial P3 Plus costs 30% less, Samsung 990 Pro has best reading speeds - 7.450 MBps.

List of 2 TB SSD to buy in 2024

There is 133 SSD in our database. Links to reviewed models of storage with detailed characteristics listed in table below.

Name Write Speed, Mb/s Read Speed, Mb/s Memory type
ADATA XPG Gammix S70 Blade 6400 7400 3D Nand
ADATA XPG Gammix S70 6400 7400 Micron 3D TLC
ADATA XPG Gammix S50 Lite 3200 3900 Micron 3D TLC
ADATA XPG Gammix S50 4400 5000 Toshiba 3D TLC
Addlink S95 6800 7100 Micron 3D TLC
Addlink S92 3600 4900 Micron 3D QLC
Addlink S90 4400 5000 3D TLC
Addlink H90 4400 5000 3D TLC
Apacer AS2280Q4 4400 5000 3D TLC
Corsair MP600 Pro 6550 7000 Micron 3D TLC
Corsair MP600 Core 3950 4950 3D QLC
Corsair MP600 4250 4950 Toshiba 3D TLC
Galax HOF Pro 4400 5000 Toshiba 3D TLC
Gigabyte Aorus 7000S 6850 7000 Micron TLC
Gigabyte Aorus 4000 5000 Toshiba 3D TLC
Goodram IRDM Ultimate X 4500 5000 Toshiba 3D TLC
Inland Performance Plus 6850 7000 Micron 3D TLC
Integral Ultima Pro X3 4400 5000 3D TLC
Intel DC P5800X 7400 7400 Intel Optane 2nd Gen
Kingmax PX4480 4400 5000 3D Nand
Klevv CRAS C920 7000 7000 3D TLC
Micron 3400 n/a n/a Micron 3D TLC
Mushkin Gamma 6800 7100 Micron 3D TLC
Mushkin Delta 3900 4900 3D Nand
Patriot Viper VP4300 6800 7400 Micron 3D TLC
Patriot Viper VP4100 4400 5000 Toshiba 3D TLC
PNY XLR8 CS3140 6850 7500 Micron 3D TLC
PNY XLR8 CS3040 4300 5600 Toshiba 3D TLC
Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus 6900 7200 Micron 3D TLC
Sabrent Rocket Q4 6850 4900 Micron 96L QLC
Sabrent Rocket NVMe 4.0 4400 5000 Toshiba 3D TLC
Samsung 980 Pro 5000 7000 Samsung 3D TLC
Seagate FireCuda 530 6900 7000 Micron 3D TLC
Seagate FireCuda 520 4400 5000 Toshiba 3D TLC
Silicon Power US70 4400 5000 3D Nand
Smartbuy Impact E16 4400 5000 3D TLC
Team Force T Create Classic 4400 5000 Kioxia 3D TLC
Team Force Cardea Ceramic A440 6900 7000 Micron TLC
Team Force Cardea Ceramic C440 4400 5000 Toshiba 3D TLC
Western Digital Black SN850 5100 7000 96L Bics4
ADATA Swordfish 1200 1800 ADATA 3D TLC
ADATA Falcon 1500 3100 3D TLC
ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro 3000 3500 n/a
Addlink X70 3000 3500 Toshiba 3D TLC
Addlink S70 2700 3500 Toshiba 3D TLC
Asura Genesis Xtreme 3000 3400 Toshiba TLC
Corsair Force MP400 3000 3480 Micron 3D QLC
Corsair MP510 3000 3480 Toshiba TLC
Crucial P5 3000 3400 Micron TLC
Crucial P1 1750 2000 Micron 3D QLC
Edge NextGen M.2 1600 2705 TLC
HP EX950 2900 3500 Micron TLC
HP EX920 1800 3200 Micron TLC
Intel 760P 1625 3230 Intel TLC
Intel 670P 2700 3500 Intel 144L 3D QLC
Intel 665P 2000 2000 Intel 96L 3D QLC
Intel 660P 1800 1800 Intel QLC
Kingston KC2500 2900 3500 3D TLC
Kingston KC2000 2200 3200 Toshiba 3D TLC
Kioxia XG5-P 2200 3000 Toshiba 3D TLC
Kioxia Exceria Plus 3200 3400 Toshiba 3D TLC
Leven JPR600 n/a n/a 3D TLC
Lite-On MU X1 3000 3400 Toshiba 3D TLC
Mushkin Pilot-E 2300 3500 Micron 3D TLC
MyDigitalSSD BPX Pro 3100 3400 Toshiba TLC
OWC Aura Pro X2 2400 3200 IMFT TLC
OWC Mercury M.2 1087 1872 MLC
Patriot Viper VPR100 2900 3300 Toshiba 3D TLC
Patriot Viper VPN100 3000 3400 Toshiba TLC
Pioneer APS-SE20Q 3000 3400 Micron 3D QLC
PNY XLR8 CS3030 3000 3500 Toshiba TLC
Sabrent Rocket Nano 2100 2500 Toshiba TLC
Sabrent Rocket Q 3000 3400 QLC
Samsung 980 3000 3500 Samsung TLC
Samsung 970 EVO Plus 3300 3500 Samsung MLC
Samsung 970 EVO 2500 3500 Samsung TLC
Seagate FireCuda 510 3280 3450 Toshiba TLC
Silicon Power UD70 3000 3400 Micron 3D QLC
Team Group MP33 1500 1800 Toshiba 3D TLC
Kioxia RD500 3200 3400 Toshiba TLC
Kioxia XG6-P 2920 3180 Toshiba TLC
Western Digital Black ZN750 3000 3400 SanDisk TLC
Zadak Spark 3000 3400 Micron 3D TLC
ADATA Nighthawk Prototype 12000 14000 n/a
ADATA Blackbird Prototype 12000 14000 n/a
CFD PG5NFZ 9500 10000 Micron 3d TLC
Corsair MP700 9500 10000 3D TLC
Gigabyte Aorus 10000 10000 12500 3D TLC
Goodram IRDM Ultimate n/a n/a 3D TLC
MSI Spatium M570 10100 12300 3D TLC
Acer Predator GM7000 6700 7400 Micron 3D TLC
ADATA Legend 960 6800 7400 3D Nand
ADATA Gammix S70 Blade 6400 7400 3D Nand
ADATA Gammix S70 6400 7400 Micron 3D TLC
ADATA Gammix S50 4400 5000 Toshiba 3D TLC
ADATA Gammix S50 Lite 3200 3900 Micron 3D TLC
Addlink S90 Lite 4400 5000 3D TLC
Asgard AN4 5500 7500 YNTC 3D TLC
Corsair MP600 Pro XT Hydro X 6800 7100 Micron 3D TLC
Corsair MP600 Pro LPX 6800 7100 Micron 3D TLC
Corsair MP600 Pro XT 6800 7100 3d TLC
Corsair MP600 Pro Hydro X Ed. 6550 7000 3D TLC 
Crucial P5 Plus 5000 6600 Micron TLC
Crucial P3 Plus 4100 4800 Micron QLC
Digma Top P8 6400 7000 Kioxia 3D TLC
Digma Mega G1 2800 3300 3D TLC
Goodram IRDM Pro 6800 7000 3D TLC
HP FX 900 Pro 6800 7400 Micron TLC
HP FX 900 4800 5000 MicronTLC
Kingston NV2 n/a n/a Toshiba 3D TLC
Kingston Fury Renegade 7000 7300 3D TLC
Kingston KC3000 7000 7000 Micron TLC
Kioxia XG8 5800 7000 Kioxia BICS5 TLC
Kioxia Exceria Pro 6400 7300 3D PLC
Lexar NM800 PRO n/a n/a 3D TLC
MSI Spatium M480 Play 6800 7000 Micron TLC
MSI Spatium M470 4400 5000 Kioxia 3D TLC
Mushkin Redline Vortex 6800 7400 Micron 3D TLC
Neo Forza NFP455 n/a n/a YMTC 3D TLC
Netac NV7000 5500 7500 3D TLC
OWC Aura Pro IV n/a n/a Micron TLC
Plextor M10P 5000 7000 Kioxia TLC
Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus-G 7000 7400 Micron TLC
Samsung 990 Pro 6900 7400 Samsung 3D TLC
Silicon Power XS70 6800 7300 Micron 3D TLC
SK Hynix Platinum P41 6500 7000 SK Hynix 176L TLC
Solidigm P44 Pro 6500 7000 SK Hynix 3D TLC
Solidigm P41 Plus 3300 4100 Solidigm 3D QLC
Team Force Cardea A440 Pro 7000 7400 Micron 3D TLC
Team Force Cardea Z44Q 4000 5000 Micron 3D QLC
Western Digital Black SN850X 6600 7300 112L Bics5
Western Digital Black SN770 4900 5150 TLC
Zadak TWSG4S 7000 7400 3D Nand


The fastest NVMe solid state drive that uses PCI 4x4 standard is Samsung 990 Pro. It can reach speeds of 7450 Megabytes per second on sequential reads and 6900 on writes. The high MRSP is the only disadvantage of this SSD.

The 2.5” form factor is still popular enough, and manufacturers offer to the user: WD Blue 3d nand, Crucial BX500, Samsung 870 QVO and Team Group T-Force Vulcan models, working on the SATA 3 expansion. They have good prices, but the speeds are limited to 6 Gigabit per second.

According to the average photo size of today’s smartphones, 2 terabytes is enough to store more than 220k photos, 450k documents, 415 films encoded in DVD format (4.7 GB each) or GTA V installed 28 times in a row.

The best portable SSDs to buy in 2023 are: SanDisk Pro-G40, SanDisk Extreme Pro, Samsung T7 and Sabrent Rocket XTRM-Q. Almost all support Thunderbold 3 and USB 3.2 Gen 2x2, which provide incredible writing speeds up to 40 Gbps. So, go ahead and bring on anyone you want, they all are pretty good but have pros and cons from model to model.

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